Day after day I am bombarded with crazy liberal viewpoints that after some time I became unable to let pass without response. I used to argue on FaceBook with friend and foe alike and sometimes this would lead to an unfriending or two (not by me). I started this blog so I would have a place to vent and rage and not worry about who might see my rantings and who may not like them and also so no one could delete my posts when their cognitive dissonance became overwhelming to them.

For some time now America has been under assault by the masses of semi-conscious Americans who, as Ronald Reagan once said, “Are not wrong, they just know so many things that aren’t so.” They spout inanities with regularity and amazing assurance, never thinking anything through. For example, they say, “Let’s raise the minimum wage. The only effect will be more money in the pockets of poor workers.” Wrong! “Let’s pass more gun laws! This will reduce crime because criminals will stop once they realize the tools of their trade are now illegal.” (they always were BTW).” Again, wrong! “Let’s switch to the energy of the future, wind and solar power.” Again, wrong. These methods were tried a hundred years ago and found wanting and were quickly replaced by the reliability and energy density of fossil fuels as soon as they became available.

These are just a few of the idiotic thoughts and statements made by progressive liberals that must be pushed back upon lest we end up in a place that none of us recognize.

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