The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

Tell me I’m wrong………..

Here’s two frightening scenarios………………………and Trump can’t win in either.

It’s the perfect storm.

Scenario 1

The economy stays shut down for an extended period and economic ruin ensues. A large number of Americans die from Covid 19. The unemployment rate goes north of 35% (it was only 24.9% back during the great depression in 1933 with bread lines and massive upheaval)

The narrative will be the Democrats blaming Trump who should have been more prepared, i.e. it’s “Trump’s Katrina” on a massive scale (a line they’ve already trotted out). Trump is the devil. Trump got us all killed because he’s a science denier! He didn’t care about the people, he just wanted his precious stock market DJIA to keep going higher and higher each day for his billionaire friends to get rich off of while regular people suffered and died. Hell, it was probably global warming that was partly to blame for the pandemic because Trump pulled us out of the Paris Agreement (Why not? Global Warming has been blamed for just about every other thing you can think of).

All of this would, of course, be false but it also would be overwhelmingly trumpeted by the Main Stream Media or as they’re more commonly known, the Democrat Party propaganda arm. The misinformation machine would be cranked to full capacity with 24/7 coverage of why Trump, a.k.a. Satan, should be hanged.


Scenario 2

It’s the end of April, the disease has abated, people are no longer dying from it in any real numbers, spring is in the air, blossoms on the trees. Turns out it was all a bit over-hyped and it was never that bad.

The narrative will be Trump is a fool and got this all wrong; he showed poor judgement and when the 3AM phone call came he fumbled the ball. Trump shut down the economy for nothing; we didn’t need to destroy our entire economy and make millions lose their jobs, health insurance, houses and life savings / retirement accounts. He pissed away trillions of dollars in new debt that wasn’t needed. We simply must get rid of this ridiculous, over-reacting fool before he does more damage to the country. CNN/MSNBC, et al, will be interviewing small business owners who lost their businesses, farmers who lost farms that had been in the family for generations. They’ll be saying Trump was and is an incompetent fool who screwed us all for no good reason because he is a cold, callous bastard who doesn’t care about the little people. We need socialism NOW!!!!! We also need single-payer health care to keep this from happening again. Only the Bernie Bros can save us now!

Once again this would all be bullshit, but the MSM, aka the Democrat Party propaganda arm, would repeat and amplify it endlessly once they got their “Talking Points” faxed to them from the DNC. They would beat this dead horse all the way to election day in an attempt to drag Creepy Joe’s fetid corpse across the finish line so his VP, either Kamala Harris, Dizzy Lizzy Warren or, God forbid, The Hildebeast, could take over.


And if the above scenarios don’t give you a freezing cold, full body shudder that makes you reach for the nearest crucifix or necklace of garlic then you just ain’t paying attention.