Swalwell Hits Rock Bottom and Keeps on Digging

Congressman Eric Swalwell, the bloodthirsty totalitarian that I wrote about HERE is back at it now that he has decided to get into the overcrowded clown car that is the spate of Democrat candidates for the 2020 presidential election.

He is now publicly proposing, to anyone who will listen, a ban on all “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons” and subsequent prosecution of anyone that refuses to comply with his edict from on high. He resembles the attention-starved child standing on the diving board yelling “Mommy, look at me! Mommy, look at me!” as he desperately seeks the attention of far left, radical voters and the media.

It is worth noting here that in some appearances he has used the term, “all semi-automatic rifles” and at other times he has said, “all semi-automatics”. Now it’s obvious that Swalwell, like most autocratic, totalitarian, anti-freedom, Democrat gun grabbers, has not a clue about guns, action types and how any of them work but why should he? After all he’s just proposing laws that will affect hundreds of millions of people and an industry that employs 288k people with revenues of $17 billion so knowledge of the subject matter is not really necessary as long as he can get to total disarmament which is his ultimate goal. However, anyone with any knowledge about guns realizes there are massive differences in the numbers of affected firearms between the categories listed above and that those numbers are not even knowable since Swalwell’s categories are so vague. Note that the term “military-style semiautomatic assault weapons” as used by the know-nothings, is a subset of “all semi-automatic rifles” which is a subset of “all semi-automatics” which is a subset of all “small arms”.

Swalwell can be seen speaking to CNN Fake News’s Jake Tapper HERE.

There’s so much fatuity and asininity in this short video clip that it’s difficult to know where to start.

Right out of the gate Swalwell says the following in his criminally imperious and haughty manner:

“We should ban possession of military-style semiautomatic assault weapons. We should buy back such weapons from all who choose to abide by the law. And we should criminally prosecute any who choose to defy it by keeping their weapons.”

At least he’s backed off of his plans to nuke the holdouts so I guess that’s progress.

He is then asked what would happen to those that refuse to comply with his “buy back” and he states unequivocally that yes, they would go to prison. But, in his shining magnanimity Our Dear Leader Swalwell grants that we peons can keep our “assault weapons” at a hunting club or a shooting range.

Brilliant idea Swally. Let’s have concentrated pockets of “assault weapons” all over the country where the criminal element / terrorists can do their one-stop shopping; I’m sure they’ll appreciate the convenience. Break into the gun or hunting club, usually located at a distance from towns and neighborhoods due to the noise issue, and you can pick up a massive cache of “assault weapons” to be sold on the black market and / or used for your criminal activities.

Or perhaps he thinks this “keep them at the gun club” plan might be a more palatable option that would beguile enough Fudds to gain compliance. Once all the “assault weapons” are all gathered together in a small number of places, a tyrant such as he can pick them up much easier out of the public’s eye in the dark of night.

But has he calculated the massive cost of his proposed “buy back”, of something the government never owned in the first place, and the fact that there will be the additional massive costs of apprehending, trying and imprisoning the millions of patriots who will not comply?

Think this is untrue?

Let’s look at the bump stock bans that many states passed as well as the federal government’s bump-stock ban that they created out of thin air without any courageous congress-critter having to go on record and vote on the issue. (What they did was simply redefine the term “machinegun” to include bump stocks but the definition of what is a machinegun is part of a law that congress passed long ago and it cannot simply be changed by fiat any more than exceeding the speed limit can be redefined by decree as murder and similarly punished. If executive decrees can add certain items and actions to the definitions of existing crimes then we are all in trouble.)

According to estimates from the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), Americans could own as many as 520,000 bump stocks.

Since the bump stock ban became law in NJ and residents were required to turn them in by mid-April of 2018, New Jersey State Police have said they have not received a single one.

In my own state of Massachusetts, once the very cradle of liberty where liberty is now at risk of sudden crib death, residents had until February of 2018 to surrender their bump stocks, yet State Police received just three devices. The Bay State’s ban, which passed in November of 2017, makes possession of that piece of plastic called a bump stock a felony which can get you ten years in prison.

Now look at the “assault weapons” registration laws that several states passed in recent years. In Connecticut as the time to complete the registration of your “assault weapon” passed, State Police Lt. Paul Vance said he received 41,347 applications to register them. However, it is estimated that there were 330,000 “assault weapons” in the state. That means that 87.5% of the “assault weapons” in Connecticut will go unregistered and their owners will become felons overnight as they collectively turned towards Hartford, raised their middle fingers and uttered that time-honored phrase, “Molon Labe”.

In NY State after a similar registration law was enacted and the deadline for registration passed about 976,000 out of an estimated 1,000,000 “assault weapons” owners refused to comply with only 24,000 bowing before King Cuomo; a percentage rate of nearly 98% who also said “Molon Labe”.

Swally goes on to say another of his reasons for his ban is “because these weapons are so devastating”. Again, Swally demonstrates that he knows nothing about firearms, ballistics or pretty much anything related to the subject matter he seeks to rule over.

Here’s a little info for the uneducated congressman from California who has bought into the myth that the AR-15, that quintessential evil embodiment of the “assault weapon”, is one of the most powerful rifles ever invented when in fact, it is a very low-end, small caliber cartridge considered too underpowered to legally hunt deer with in many states.

5.56MM (.223 Remington) muzzle energy: ~1200 ft-lbs

.30-06 Springfield muzzle energy: ~3000 ft-lbs

.264 Win. Mag muzzle energy: ~3400 ft-lbs

.338 Win. Mag muzzle energy: ~4000 ft-lbs

.458 Win. Mag muzzle energy: ~5500 ft-lbs

Nothing here should be construed to mean that the AR-15 cannot kill; certainly it can. But that’s actually the point. All guns can kill and one is not “deader” because they were shot with the magical AR-15 “assault rifle” over any other rifle.

Next on his idiotic play list is this little gem.

“But it’s not just the violence that they have caused. It’s the fear, the immeasurable fear that our children live in, because they (“assault weapons”) are still on our streets. I want to get rid of that fear.”

Again, where does one begin?

First, any level of fear that exists is a result of congress-critters such as Swally and their deceitful, witless lapdog friends in the fake news media amplifying every event until children are having irrational, distorted anxieties about attending school.

Northeastern University Professor of Criminology, Law, and Public Policy James Alan Fox has published research showing that “shooting incidents involving students have been declining since the 1990s.” Commenting on his findings, he stated, “There is not an epidemic of school shootings.”

Gun violence is down.

Way down.

But why let facts get in the way of a “truth” you are trying to tell, when we can have the folks whipped into a frothy hysteria about the…………………………..decreasing?!?! gun violence in America.

Yes, gun violence is decreasing in America despite what you’re being told every day by the “news” media.

See HERE   &   HERE

Additionally schools are safer now than they have been.


And despite what politicians are so very fond of saying, gun violence DOES happen in other parts of the world and at a greater rate than in the US and with higher lethality.

See HERE   &   HERE

Second, passing a law that bans something does not make it disappear. See cocaine, meth-amphetamine, marijuana, heroin, child prostitution, congressmen who violate their sacred oaths to uphold and defend the U. S. Constitution, etc. How can any supposedly educated man think that making otherwise law-abiding citizens into criminals will have any effect on those that would murder innocents in schools, shopping malls, theaters, etc.? He speaks as if it is certitude that passing his ban would have the desired effect; simply pass his law and we can all immediately breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the danger of mass shootings has passed.

Uh huh.

Moving on we have this exchange:

Tapper: “I know you know this but the vast majority of gun-related deaths in this country are not related to these semi-automatic assault weapons, whatever you want to call them, and the vast majority of gun owners are law-abiding citizens who have purchased these weapons legally and have used them safely.”

As Tapper poses this question Swally begins vigorously nodding in the affirmative right at the moment where Tapper is making the point that these weapons are NOT related to most deaths indicating he knows that his proposed law is nugatory nonsense and will accomplish nothing at all.

Never the less he persisted.

Tapper then asks, “One of the most frequent attacks on this issue from President Trump and the Republicans is that Democrats want to take away your guns but isn’t it fair to say you actually do want to take away people’s guns?

Lord Swally answers, “You know, keep your pistols, keep your long rifles, keep your shotguns, I want the most dangerous weapons, these weapons of war out of the hands of the most dangerous people.”

It seems that he does not know that so-called “assault weapons” are “long rifles” or perhaps he believes that if your family member is killed with a “less dangerous” weapon it will somehow be so much better for you.

But the truly dangerous people of whom he speaks, criminals and crazies, laugh at newly proposed laws that require them to turn in their already illegal weapons. Why any supposedly rational person would think a law will get criminals to not be criminals when criminals, by definition are those who ignore laws, is beyond apperception.

Further, the very people that may turn in these “weapons of war” (a fake name from a fake patriot but very real tyrant) are not “the most dangerous people” that he claims his legislation is targeting. In fact the legal gun owners, a fraction of whom would be the only ones who would comply, are far from being dangerous at all. People with permits for concealed carrying of weapons are more law-abiding than police officers; in fact one study found they were 1/7th as likely to commit crimes. See HERE and HERE

This is more of the “Mommy, look at me!” grandstanding and the throwing of red meat, or whatever one throws to get the attention of Lord Swalwell’s devotees, to the rabid fascist freaks that make up today’s Democrat party. Swally must know that what he is proposing has zero chance of ever getting passed and would accomplish nothing towards his stated goal. Further if it ever did pass he would be the person responsible for The American Revolution, V 2.0 yet he smugly and arrogantly sits there and proposes what is clearly a violation of the Second Amendment which is part of the U. S. Constitution that he swore to uphold and defend.

The bottom line here is that he is lying, plain and simple.

“All I want is the bad guns taken from the bad guys. You all get to keep all of your guns!”

“If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.”

“No one is coming for your guns!”

“If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan.”

“Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in!”

“I am a firm believer in the second amendment, BUT……”

Yeah, right!

Making good people helpless won’t make bad people harmless.

When this passel of lies fails to achieve what he claims is his desired end (it’s not) then he will move on to those scary looking pump shotguns with those evil pistol grip stocks on them.

Next will be the precision bolt-action “sniper” rifles since they have already been conflated with “assault weapons” as they bear some resemblance to them to the know-nothings that make up our betters in congress.

Four of the rifles shown below are NOT semi-automatics; they are bolt-action rifles yet the fools that write our laws have shown them together in anti-assault weapon ads online and in print.

And who needs laser sights and flashlight attachments on their civilian sporting guns? Certainly these are tactical items of war and have no place “on our streets”.

And did you know that some lever action rifles hold ten rounds or more of .357 magnum and .44 magnum? Some of the rim fire models hold more than twenty rounds.

Then there are the pump action AR type platforms such as those manufactured by Troy Industries, Inc. in Massachusetts. Instead of a gas piston operating the action one pumps the forend manually to eject the spent round and chamber a fresh one. It’s not quite as fast as the semi-auto but it’s the difference between a hurricane with 100 mph winds and one with 120 mph winds.

How long will it be until Lord Swalwell’s Stormtroopers are coming for these firearms as well?

You see, it will never end until the last firearms are only in the hands of Swalwell’s Stormtroopers who will reliably and dispassionately do his bidding as he seeks only to place us insuperably on the bright, shining path to Dear Leader and President for Life, Lord Swalwell’s “Glorious New People’s Republic”.

It’s for the children.

It’s for your own good.

Some have said resistance is futile but I’m a cranky, stubborn skeptic so I guess we’ll just have to do this experiment to see for sure.

Molon Labe Lord Swalwell.