The Ministry of Proper Thought


Imagine you’re a gun owner and you move to New York (and also try to imagine even a single reason why you would do that) and you walk into the town hall in your new town to apply for your New York State firearms license mistakenly thinking that the Bill of Rights is still the law of the land.

“Hello, I’m new in town and I’d like to apply for a New York State firearms license please.” you say cheerily.

“No problem. Please fill out this ten page form and then we can move to the interrogation, um, I mean, interview room, get you hooked up to the machine and check to see if you have any non-state approved thoughts and opinions before we can continue. There’s nothing to worry about; it’s really just a formality. But, before we begin, do you have any medical conditions, heart arrhythmias, fainting spells or any infirmities we should know about?” the uniformed, stern looking clerk inquires mechanically and efficiently.

“Wait, what? What do you mean by “non-state approved thoughts and opinions” and why do you need to know about my health conditions?” you ask, growing somewhat concerned about this place you have moved to.

The clerk, looking somewhat annoyed by your questions, surreptitiously jabs at a hidden button just below the counter and you see a small red light begin flashing in the room behind her.

“Well we have a new law here in The Glorious People’s Republic of New York where we like to check on what folks think about certain things and what opinions they hold before we let them exercise certain rights and enjoy full citizenship.” you are told as a pair of uniformed “clerks” holding AK-47s now appear and join the first.

“Which rights are we talking about here and what opinions and thoughts are considered un-approved?” you ask as politely as you can muster under the circumstances.

“Well, pretty much all of them. Why, we can’t have improper, non-state approved thoughts being held by people just wandering around at large; that would be crazy. Certainly all good, compliant and loyal subjects would agree.” says clerk number one secretly nodding to one of the armed clerks who have now joined her and moved to block the exit door.

Does this sound like the script from some low-budget, post apocalypse, dystopian movie?

Well it’s not.

It’s basically what New York State Senator Kevin S. Parker has proposed for anyone who seeks to exercise a certain right that keeps him up at night and while I may have taken some liberties with my interpretation of the application of his newly proposed law, I’ll bet that I’m not that far off the mark of the unspoken fantasies he has regarding his authoritative yearnings.

So what does the tyrannical tool from District 21 have in mind for the plodding peons he thinks he rules over?

Papers pleeeze!!! (Be sure to read that in your best “Hogan’s Heroes” German accent)

Senator Parker has proposed that anyone who files an application for a gun permit in New York State be required to hand over the passwords to all of their social media accounts as well as their computers to facilitate the government’s review of their social media posts going back three years and their Internet searches going back one year.

You may want to pause here for a minute so you can let that sink in. Parker wants the New York State Police to check out all that you’ve been doing on social media, who you’ve talked to, what you’ve said and any memes you’ve posted for the previous three years as well as what you’ve been searching for on the Internet in the past one year.

Anyone remember the kerfuffle that erupted when it was disclosed back in 2002 that the Patriot Act contained Section 215 which gave the FBI authority to obtain a person’s library history and bookstore purchase records with low-threshold secret warrants? Remember the left screaming that George W. Bush was Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin all reincarnated into one person and that he must be killed with fire, dismembered and buried in separate graves because of this?

But now this intrusive inquisitor demands access to all of your Internet searches as well as all social media posts, direct messages, etc. and if your thoughts don’t comport with his version of approved thoughts and opinions then your right to bear arms will be denied.

This is clearly a very scary and dangerous precedent and may be a portent of things to come if these things are allowed to go unchallenged.

And just so you know this isn’t an article from the satirical online website, “The Onion” here are some links to the actual, frightening story. HERE & HERE & HERE

A little background information on the bill’s sponsor, Senator Parker, may be in order here. It seems that the angry autarch has his own history of legal troubles and truculence.

It seems the disturbed Democrat was convicted in 2010 of roughing up a New York Post photographer and he allegedly did the same to a traffic agent in 2005. He avoided punishment by agreeing to attend anger management classes. No word on whether he passed or not.

So this goose-stepping goon would deny someone their Constitutional rights based upon what they have thought and written about but he still walks freely amongst us after actually committing violent acts.

In addition, government records cited by the Post in 2017 indicated Parker owed more than $50,000 in property taxes and water bills. Such a good little Marxist! Taxes are not for the ruling class!

Maybe Senator Parker needs to be checked out for the things he has thought, said and done on social media. Perhaps the electorate in his district should have access to all of his private musings so they could more astutely assess his criminality and anger management problems before casting their votes.

Bow Tie Bolshevik Parker smiles for the camera

(They always smile; at least in the beginning)

Why is it that this particular right gives the smiling, bow-tied, Senator Parker such night terrors that he thinks he should know what it is that you think before he graciously grants you the right to exercise this right even though it’s, you know, a right?

Maybe it’s because this right in the “Bill of Rights” is the one right that those crusty, old, white, misguided, slave-owning, founders placed insuperably in the way of the bright, shining path to Senator Parker’s “Glorious New People’s Republic”.

You see, Senator Parker, besides being an imperious, oppressive, despotic, authoritarian, totalitarian, fascist, filthy, Nazi, anti-Bill-of-Rights tyrant, is also quite proud of his proposal and apparently sees no parallels at all to regimes such as Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge or Mao’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.

Those guys knew the imperativeness of keeping impure, non-state approved thoughts at bay and that 7.62 MM rounds applied liberally to the back of the cranium go a long way to achieve this.

“He who protests is an enemy; he who opposes is a corpse.” -Pol Pot

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” -Mao Tse Tung

“I’m simply saying right now we’re not as safe as we can be because people are saying things on social media and we’re not using that and looking at that as we in fact give out a weapon that can, that is used to kill people, period.” -Senator Kevin Parker

Language in the proposed law states that “Licenses could be denied for “biased language” among other things.

Biased language?

I think that used to be known as free speech back in the un-enlightened dark ages of America before the great statesmen, Senator Parker graced us with his wisdom. But what may be considered “biased language” these days and exactly whom should Senator Parker keep his omnipresent watchful eyes on?

Perhaps those who cling to their Bibles (and guns) and speak un-approved opinions regarding illegal immigrants?

Maybe someone who seems just a little too patriotic and flag-wavy like maybe a veteran who fought for his country?

Someone who dares to wonder out loud why we give $500,000,000 of taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood every year so they can finance the Democrat Party’s candidates with said taxpayer money?

Certainly those types of people and their filthy, deplorable thoughts sound a little sketchy to you too, right? And if they don’t then surely you can be taught the truth at one of the soon to be opened re-education camps graciously set up for the benefit of fallen citizens who desire to get well again.

And what is the reason given by the authoritarian ass from New York for why we have to commit this extraordinary violation of our most sacred founding principles?

Why of course it’s village pacification, um, I mean it’s to make us all so very safe out in rural America just like we are in all of our large cities across the fruited plains.

New York State Senator Kevin Parker was recently on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on the Fox News Network and each time he was asked “Why?” he launched into the same tired, erroneous talking points about the rising scourge of gun violence in the United States.

All of these hoplophobes read pretty much the same script. These new measures need to be put in place because three-hundred-million mass shootings occur every day in the gun-filled, blood-soaked United States and that evil terrorist organization, the NRA wants to give mental defectives, criminals and school children machine guns and grenade launchers as long as the NRA makes a buck or two off of the sale, blah, blah, blah (even though the NRA doesn’t sell guns and never has).

But it doesn’t matter how many times he and other fools say it, they are still wrong. I wrote about this in a recent post and supplied the links below.

Gun homicides have been reduced by nearly 50% at the same time gun ownership has risen by over 50% in the past few decades.

See HERE   &   HERE

Additionally schools are safer now than they have ever been.


And despite what politicians are so very fond of saying, gun violence DOES happen in other parts of the world and at a greater rate than in the US and with higher lethality.

See HERE   &   HERE

So there’s that.

When asked by the host, Tucker Carlson, “But what other constitutional rights that we as Americans possess should be contingent on how we behave on social media?” Senator Parker said, with a very smug smile on his face, “Well let’s be clear; I take a oath that supports the amendments, in, in the whole constitution in both the US and, and the state government constitution and so this is really not about impinging on constitutional rights this is really about safety. This is really about how we in fact make the state of New York as safe as possible. [sic]”.

In other words he dodged the question completely; explaining that while he was impinging upon constitutional rights it really wasn’t about impinging upon constitutional rights but rather it was about safety for the people of New York. He went on to say that New York was already very safe but that they could always be safer, apparently by him impinging upon constitutional rights even though this isn’t about impinging upon constitutional rights. Got it? Is it all clear now? Maybe you won’t need that visit to the re-education camp after all.

When asked why we didn’t apply this same standard to voting he answered that voting doesn’t necessarily lead to people killing each other. I would point out that neither do permit seeking gun owners who commit virtually no violent crimes at all; in fact, less than police officers and far less than autocratic politicians who rough up photographers and traffic agents.

Ultimately, I really don’t think that this is what these terrified tyrants actually believe but rather it is an excuse for their ultimate goal of complete civilian disarmament.

With each passing day the storm clouds gather closer and darker. Emboldened idiots and creepy fascists push the Overton Window of debate. What sounded so off the friggin’ walls, nutzo-batshit-crazy just a little while ago that it would never have been spoken out loud now sounds like something worth pondering to many. Attached to one of the articles was an admittedly unscientific Internet poll where 64% of respondents said “Hell no!” to this privacy plundering idea (a somewhat comforting percentage). But…..this means 36% said something ranging from “Hell yes!” to “Hmmm, that sounds like a good idea, something worth trying maybe.” (A somewhat terrifying percentage)

Sadly there are many ignorant fools and useful idiots walking the streets, the final product of a completely decayed public education system that has been rotting from the inside out for decades. The stench is strong now, the putrescence well advanced as evidenced by a recent poll with this headline: “In U.S., Record-Low 47% Extremely Proud to Be Americans”. Couple this with the cadre of Marxist, socialist professors in the indoctrination camps known as colleges and one has to wonder if the ship of state can be turned from the impending collision in time.

We can survive one or two misguided politicians but we cannot survive an electorate that would vote these apparatchiks into office. It seems these days there are far too many who will think far too little before casting their vote even for a complete jackass such as Senator Parker.

In conclusion I offer a few quotes from the great minds of history; New York State Senator Kevin Parker conspicuously absent from them.

“Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficent. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” — Justice Louis Brandeis, 1928

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.” — Patrick Henry, Virginia’s Ratification convention, 1788

“When democracy fades and fools embrace tyrants only the armed citizen still gets a vote.” — Ken Carter 2018