Two Stories That Show We Clearly Need More Gun Laws /SARCASM

Exhibit #1

Hartford man arrested for 34th time

This is what is wrong in a nutshell.
This guy has been arrested 34 times and yet he’s still out there.

He had a gun with the serial number removed, 11 bags of heroin, no gun license, he was on school grounds with said gun, he was interfering with police, and he’s generally just an asshole and a menace to society but the liberal’s solution is to make sure my gun doesn’t have a pistol grip stock or a bayonet lug and that my gun’s magazine was manufactured before some arbitrary date; if it was made after that date I’m in big trouble but if made before it all is well.
Cuz this will surely reduce crime ya know.
Liberalism is truly a mental illness.
I really think the powers that be want these guys out there to bolster their arguments for more and more gun control. What other reason could there be for the continual release of a guy like this?
Oh, and I’m sure the Moms Demand Action group will count this in their school gun events count even though the cops chased him through the school grounds at 9 o’clock at night when no one was there.

From the story…..

A Hartford man was arrested for the 34th time Tuesday evening after police say he was spotted with a gun on city streets.
Police say Iran Harris then ran while clutching his waistband. Police began to run after him, and were able to arrest Harris on the basketball court area of Main Street. When Harris was arrested, police discovered he was no longer in possession of the gun.
Officers began searching for the gun in the area of the Sands Housing Complex and and Sands Elementary School. The gun was found along a wooded fence between the complex and the school.
Police recovered the loaded .40 caliber pistol with the serial number removed. Harris also had 11 bags of heroin on him when he was arrested. He was charged with interfering with Police, carrying a pistol w/o a permit, criminal possession of a firearm, and possession of a weapon on school grounds.



Exhibit #2

Alleged perpetrators in Mansfield road rage incident allowed to go free on bail; alleged victim says he fears for his life

The judge ruled that he was DANGEROUS but could be freed.
He pointed a gun, yes, a GUN, at another guy on the road after a minor incident but he’s allowed to go free. The suspects are the driver Yomar Romero, 21, of Pawtucket, and passenger Justin Smith, 20, of Providence. Justin, the 20 year old is the one who pointed the gun. Does Justin, the 20 year old have a license to carry a handgun? I’m guessing he doesn’t because A. he’s only 20 and B. he lives in Rhode Island and the incident occurred in Massachusetts so any license wouldn’t be honored anyway.
See? More gun laws are what we need.

From the story…..


Justin Smith, 20, of Providence, left, and Yomar Romero, 21, of Pawtucket, in Attleboro District Court last Thursday.

Assistant District Attorney Melissa Tafe wanted the suspects, driver Yomar Romero, 21, of Pawtucket, and passenger Justin Smith, 20, of Providence, held in jail without bail as dangerous individuals after hearing testimony from two state troopers.
But after a hearing, Judge Margaret Guzman found that Smith, who allegedly is the person who pointed the gun, was a dangerous person, but ruled he could be freed on bail with conditions. She ruled the prosecution failed to show Romero was a dangerous person.
Bail was set at $2,000 cash for each suspect and they were ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim. They are expected to post the bail.