America, You Have a Shitty Choice to Make

So here’s a shitty scenario, seems there’s lots of them these days. You get a call to see your doctor and he tells you that you have inoperable, terminal cancer. He goes on to say that if you do nothing you will be dead in six months or just after January 20th, 2017. Get it? However, there’s this new treatment that’s experimental and it’s a long shot but it might, emphasis on might, offer you some level of cure or perhaps just a chance to live a little longer.

What do you do?

Do you do nothing and let nature take its course?

Do you swallow the bitter pill and hope that the “long shot” pays off?

Do you, like Walter White, stoically point out to your oncologist that he has mustard on his lapel?

You see, Hillary is the cancer and Trump is the bitter, experimental, unknown pill.

Yes, I know it is a ham-handed comparison and not really all that clever. It’s late and I’m tired but you get the idea and besides, I really wanted to use that Breaking Bad clip.

We may not know what Trump will do. Do we ever really know what any politician will do? Trump occasionally sounds like a drunken frat boy with ADHD who can’t find his Adderall.

OK I misspoke there it’s more than occasionally.

He says stupid things and bounces from issue to issue as he speaks like the silver ball in a pinball machine.


He sometimes does his best to make it very hard to support him.

He uses only three adjectives; incredible, amazing and YOOGE!!!!! He may completely go back on his word and screw us all. It could happen. It wasn’t even that long ago he was singing a very different tune and having his picture taken with Hillary and Bill at his wedding. Perhaps he’s a complete fraud and all the good stuff he’s saying these days is a complete pile of BS that he has no intention of coming through on.

But what choice do we really have?

Perhaps the charge that there is no difference between Trump and Hillary is a somewhat valid point. But I still have to believe there will be something Trump will do that will be better than what Hillary would do in the same policy area. And I actually believe there will be much that he will do that will be infinitely better. He has already published his list of possible Supreme Court nominees and the reviews from conservatives were mostly good. His published position on the second amendment is word-perfect. Will he actually follow it and do what he says he will? We’ll have to elect him to see. And yes, I know I sound like Nancy Pelosi here with her inane ramblings emanating from her skull-cave under her crazy waggling stare.

But if he doesn’t do what he says he will we will have quite the cudgel to batter him with and that could be fun and provide a pleasant diversion as we slide down the shit-chute.

Again, what choice do we have?

But what of the Hildebeast?

I know what she will do. I know her tune and it’s a screeching, discordant yawp made up of the top ten greatest hits of the progressive left. There is nothing that she will do that I want done. Nothing!

A Clinton presidency will be disastrous in ways that the average conservative is not even thinking of right now and I’m not just talking about for White House interns and the secret service agents that draw the short straw and get assigned to the residence.

To conservatives who are caught up in their anger and seeking purity of cause from their candidate I say “Get over it!”

It’s never going to happen. You will never find a candidate that will agree with you 100% on all of the issues and the entire minutia of all of the issues unless you run for office yourself. Besides all the regular, garden variety lying, corruption, mental illness, liberal, dangerous, PC crap and selling out of the country to enrich herself, Hillary could possibly get to fill three or four Supreme Court seats during her four or, may God have mercy on our souls, eight years in office. This is like a gift that has overdosed on Viagra, a gift that keeps on screwing for years and years and generations to come. Say goodbye to the second amendment if Hillary gets to choose the justices of the Supreme Court and once gone that, I fear, is a right that will never return. I shudder to think what other convoluted decisions a Hillary court will come up with. That way madness lies as there be all kinds of mischief to be had in the penumbras formed by emanations that the crazed progressive Supreme Court judges can see that the average, not insane, non-meth smoking, regular citizen can’t fathom. My mind reels, it is too horrible to contemplate.

And do you really think that if it comes to pass that Hillary doesn’t do what she said she would that her discovered untruth <GASP> will be that she was more conservative than she let on? Do you think she’s going to say, “Ha! I lied! I’m actually pro second amendment rights and let’s defund Planned Parenthood right now”?

The bottom line here is that in all probability come November either Trump or Clinton will be elected. Last go-round millions of conservatives smugly sat home on Election Day because Romney wasn’t “pure” enough for them. I agree. Romney was / is an ass. But how’d that work out for you stay-at-homes? I know how it worked out for me and my business. Let’s all give the politically pure, stay-at-homes a big round of applause. I’m sure Barack Obama will applaud them too as will Saul Alinsky from the great beyond.

Unfortunately the country will be paying a terrible price for their priggishness. This is a price we can no more afford. Please, please vote Satan over Hillary if necessary. He’s better looking, has a less annoying voice and is generally thought to be somewhat more honest.