No Ban Would Have Prevented This

Let’s all be clear here; If this terrorist asshole in Orlando had been denied a permit or if these guns had been banned or if Obama had had a magic wand and waved it and made all the scary, black rifles disappear this still would have happened.

I was in the gun business for ten years. There are literally hundreds of millions of 30 round AR-15 platform magazines out there. I know, I shipped thousands of them to dealers back in the 1970’s along with the guns themselves. We had palletized cartons that held several thousand of them each stored by the shipping bench because almost every order had 10 or 20 or 30 of them on it and since they were military surplus and sold for only a few dollars, sales were brisk.

As for guns, there is an alive-and-well black market out there for firearms. Even if the anti-bill-of-rights crowd ever got its way and banned every type of gun in the US this black market would ramp up even more to satisfy this demand that criminals and terrorists create. Nat-Geo had a show called “Underworld” and in one episode they showed guns being made in the Philippine jungles and then smuggled all the way to Los Angeles. Watch the two minute trailer here:

And the full episode here:

Is there anyone who has any doubts that guns would be made here in the US in clandestine machine shops if there were a total ban and confiscation in the same way that meth-amphetamine and moonshine is made? Do any of you know what the easiest gun to manufacture is? A simple 9MM or perhaps a .45 ACP open bolt machine pistol that is FULLY AUTOMATIC is so simple almost any machinist worth his salt could produce a crude model in just a few days. Given a week to work out the bugs they could make very nice, very reliable ones. Modern 3-D printers are making the creation of firearm frame components even easier. Guns are here to stay folks. Bans only affect those of us who obey laws, not criminals and terrorists who by definition do not.

We are told we can’t identify and deport 11 million illegal aliens in the US but somehow rounding up 300 to 400 million guns from folks that really, really don’t want to give them up will be easy-peasy. Yeah, right! Let us stop this nonsensical posturing and focus on things that will actually work.

Just as I suspected there were headlines today where people that knew this whack-job said that what he did was not a surprise to them. His ex-wife said this: ‘He was not a stable person. He beat me’

Another headline read: ‘He was not a stable person’: Orlando shooter showed signs of emotional trouble.

Still nothing was done. Just like in the San Bernardino case people were more afraid of being called a racist than they were of being killed by a nut job.

Here’s another example of the futility of laws. Under this administration in 2010 there were 80,000 people turned away by the NICs system. There were 44 prosecutions by our Department of Just-Us for prohibited persons trying to buy a gun this same year. Forty-four, as in less than fifty. Out of 80,000 people denied. WTF?!? Now I realize that not all of those persons stopped at the gun counter by the NICS system were felons. Many shared a name with a felon, still others were on the list in error and thus were not actually a prohibited person. But clearly, many of the people stopped were actual felons. Certainly many more than just the 44 that were prosecuted. If felons or other bad guys who are prohibited from firearms ownership are attempting to acquire a gun it is likely they are up to no good. Why then are there so few prosecutions of this 5 year federal felony? Oh, by the way….if the prohibited person simply touches the gun in the store when he tries to acquire it, it rises to possession and becomes a 10 year felony.

The NRA sponsored and encouraged Project Exile back in the late ‘90’s in Richmond VA. This program was quite successful and reduced gun crimes by 40% in just a few years. Criminals knew they would be incarcerated and therefore did not carry firearms which cut down on gang shootings and all the collateral damage and badness that went along with it.

Why is it that we don’t do this anymore?

There was opposition to it from a number of groups claiming it was racist.

It is amazing that some people think that punishing people who break the law is racist. This is why we can’t have nice things.

And one more thought on this event. I guess this Orlando shooting gives the lie to magazine bans. We have been told if shooters have to use smaller mags they will have to reload more often and this will allow victims to either flee or tackle the gunman as he does this. I do not know what size magazine this Muslim bastard used (but he probably used exactly what he wanted regardless of any laws) but by all accounts he reloaded many times during the three hour siege in the nightclub filled with young, fit men and no one tackled him and stopped him. Now understand this, I am not blaming anyone here, I am simply pointing out the utter nonsense of the liberal left when they say high-capacity magazine bans are a good idea so terrorized school children can rush a gunman as he is forced to reload more often.

We need the adults to run things now and have those who know nothing of guns and shooting tactics to shut the hell up and stop proposing stupid laws that simply waste time and provide “Look-at-me-I-did-something-re-elect-me!” security theater.