“Deer Dust” and Other Vapid Idiocies

Once again the ladies of “The View” mine new depths of vapid idiocy.

Check out this video.

I’ll spare you the need to watch the entire thing so skip to the 4:22 mark and hear noted firearms expert Whoopi Goldberg explain the raw and awesome power of the AR-15 rifle.

Says the distinguished, brilliant weapons expert, Whoopi: “I understand what they’re saying. If in fact this weapon doesn’t need…….I….ah…’cuz you can’t hunt with it you know you end up with like deer dust! You know?”

Guffaws follow from the low-info types in the audience.

Actually she’s somewhat correct. You aren’t allowed to hunt with it in many states because it is too weak of a cartridge resulting in many wounded and lost deer.

Now understand this, nothing here is to say the 5.56 MM cartridge or the AR-15 platform rifle is not capable of killing; it most surely is just as much as almost any firearm is. The point here is to show that these people on “The View” and in other places in the media and in positions of government have no idea what they are talking about. She has bought into the myth that the AR-15 is one of the most powerful rifles ever invented when in fact, it is a very low-end, small caliber cartridge considered too underpowered to hunt deer with in many states.

5.56MM (.223 Remington) muzzle energy: ~1200 ft-lbs

.30-06 Springfield muzzle energy: ~3000 ft-lbs

.264 Win. Mag muzzle energy: ~3400 ft-lbs

.338 Win. Mag muzzle energy: ~4000 ft-lbs

.458 Win. Mag muzzle energy: ~5500 ft-lbs

But remember everyone, things shot with the AR-15 get way deader!


Next up, same video as above at the 6:00 minute mark we hear Joy(less) Behar claiming that the NRA isn’t helpful. Says Joy: “But you know after that Sandy Hook massacre if the NRA did not step up and try to be helpful I really have no faith that they ever will. I mean when you see six year old children being massacred en masse and you don’t have some kind of plan to fix the future assassinations like that, massacres like that I have……………I have……………<dismissive wave of the hand>”

Apparently Joy has not been listening to the NRA or its many spokespersons that have been all over TV and the Internet detailing their plans to “step up and be helpful” and to stop the future massacres.  Wayne LaPierre said it best when he said the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun. He was right then and he is still right. I wrote about this here. But what exactly do Joy and her ilk propose?

More laws regulating the size of magazines?

Security cameras?

Laws on the styles of firearms that the law-abiding can possess?

Outlawing pistol grips, flash hiders, collapsible stocks and maybe even that “shoulder thing that goes up”?

More silly rules that will be ignored by anyone sick or crazy or evil enough to want to go to a school and murder children?

And not if but when the next massacre begins will the victims who are able call on Joy and her friends or will they frantically call on the guys with the guns to come and save whoever is left alive when the good guys can finally get there?


The next pearl of wisdom dispensed by the ladies of “The View” comes from the mind-numbing video linked here:


There’s so much fatuous blather to go through but I will address a few of the more glaring moments here.

At the 2:05 mark Joy begins, “I was a teacher, OK? I was a teacher and I-I’ve given “F’s” to a couple of kids, you know because they deserved to fail the class, they never showed up, whatever. So the day they show up they might come in with a gun because I gave them an “F”. So I can’t imagine, and there are you know the other thing about this ruling is as an individual teacher cannot ban guns from his classroom or her classroom. So the teachers have no power.”

So in her example Joy was safe in the past when there was a prohibition against the lawful carrying of guns on campus by safety-checked and licensed people but now, Joy Behar, as a teacher, (may God help us all), is unsafe because a student can bring in a gun to avenge his failing grade by murdering the offending pedagogue now that the carrying of firearms on campus is allowed.  I’m pretty sure the rules about murdering teachers or in fact murdering anyone on campuses remain in full force even though, in the eyes of Joy Behar, these prohibitions alone were apparently insufficient to keep teachers safe. It was only that additional penalty for carrying a gun on school grounds that pushed it over the top and made everyone safe; except for those times when it didn’t such as Columbine, Newtown, Virginia Tech, etc. In those instances we had to call upon the good guys with the guns to put an end to the shootings that were unfolding in the gun-free zones that weren’t quite gun-free on the days in question.


Next up: same video as above at the 1:02 mark.

Raven-Symoné, whose bio says she’s a comedian among other things, says the following: “We also, we also have to I’m sorry…..we also have to consider, and I-I hate to…..there’s a rape culture on campuses. And then you’re gonna put guns in the hands and then you’re gonna put alcohol in the hands and then you’re gonna blame them for something without giving them the right education in the first place. That’s unacceptable!”

Where do I start here? Who are these people that are handing out the “Weekender Fun Pack” that comes with a brace of Glocks and a three-pack of Patron?


glock  patron_bottles


This is just another reductio ad absurdum argument that is supposed to scare people away without them actually having to put their frontal lobes in drive. No one is proposing that we hand out guns and liquor to students as they arrive at orientation day. What is being proposed is that students who are properly vetted, have gone through the training and are of age be allowed the right to protect themselves on campus. Their right to self-defense doesn’t end at the college’s physical boundaries.