Random Thoughts About the Gun Control Debate

Wayne Was Right*


*But shhhh…….don’t tell anyone………………


“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.”

Wayne was right. Wayne Lapierre of the National Rifle Association was right on the money when he said this shortly after the Newtown massacre in Connecticut. Hoplophobes everywhere suddenly started bleeding from their eyes and ears and soiling their undergarments when they heard this. “How dare he say this!?!?”

But I ask you what is their solution?

They’ll tell you to call 911 and have the police respond.

But what can a policeman do to stop a madman armed with a handgun, rifle or shotgun?

What good is a policeman against an AR-15?

If an armed madman went to a school today what could the cops do?

Yell stop?

Try to reason with the guy?

Create a diversion to buy time so the kids can slip away out the back?

Count the gunman’s shots so they know when he is forced to reload and then rush him with the idea being to wrestle him to the ground, assuming he doesn’t have a second gun or a larger magazine than, <gasp!> what is allowed or that he isn’t just a fast magazine changer?

Reach for their pepper spray?

Make sure the schools doors are locked and that the security cameras, which they promote as a solution, are on and recording?

In some school districts they are training students in a protocol known as ALICE Training, where ALICE stands for Alert-Lockdown-Inform-Counter-Evacuate or to the sane and rational amongst us it stands for Almost Laughably Irrational Counterproductive Event. This is nothing more than “Security Theater”.

So should we have the children get out their anti-bad-guy canned goods to throw at the assailant?


Then what?

Wait! Could it be that it’s not just the policemen present that ensure the children’s safety; it’s the GUNS they bring with them. Guns in the hands of the GOOD GUYS.

More guns clearly DO help when they are wielded by the good guys!

What is so friggin hard to understand about this?


When, in response to the events of 9/11, it was decided that some airline pilots, many of whom are ex-military Air Force fighter pilots, should be allowed to be armed, liberals and other assorted nuts lost their minds, such as they were. They questioned the sanity of allowing pilots to have a gun on board an aircraft. “What if the pilot is crazy?” they said. “What if the pilot decides to shoot passengers?” they said. They seemed to suggest that a crazy pilot, sitting in control of a 350 ton, jet-fueled, 600 knot missile needed a pistol to harm people. They seemed to have forgotten the very incident that arming pilots was proposed in response to. Here’s a thought…..if these pilots are so untrustworthy then perhaps they shouldn’t be in control of said flying projectiles.


After the various shootings we have had in offices and workplaces the government has put out a video telling the sheeple what to do in the case of an armed psycho in the workplace. It is actually titled: “RUN>>HIDE>>FIGHT Surviving an Active Shooter Event”

We are advised to run or hide and then, and only then, as a last resort, fight back.

I suppose if you are the guy on the right (in the picture below) that our government sees us all as you probably should take the advice and run or hide, after, of course, the obligatory soiling of your panties.


But if there are any people like the guy on the left still with us they will know what to do.

Instead of following the advice to call 911 they will call upon their 1911.


The video says if all else has failed to fight back with aggression and to improvise weapons. Here’s an idea. Since the world is a cold place why not pack your own heat? How about you take your safety and citizenship seriously and buy a gun, learn about it, train to use it and have it on you all the time? This way you won’t be forced into “improvising” a weapon; you’ll have a real one, tried and true, with you. What’s wrong with this advice as a solution?

And here’s a news flash for you…..crazies and terrorists aren’t really frightened all that much by Pajama Boy in the office with a sharpened pencil as his weapon. A 1911 .45 is a far better instrument to have than some contrived weapon such as a pair of scissors, chalkboard erasers or the fire extinguisher off the wall. It is far better to return fire than to hide behind the curtains whispering your goodbyes and regrets to loved ones over your cell phone while you wait your turn to die. Some will dismiss this as macho bravado but I would prefer to die on my feet surrounded by hot brass than to soil myself, hide and wait my turn to die.


Now that crazy, usually-peace-loving Muslims, Peace Be Upon Them, have decided to shoot up America and especially military bases and recruitment centers with some regularity many have come forward and asked “WTF!?!?! You mean the military guys don’t have their guns on them?” They must put on the target/uniform of the US military but they can’t strap on their sidearm? In response to this General Odierno has said, “I think we have to be careful about over-arming ourselves, and I’m not talking about where you end up attacking each other. Instead, it’s more about accidental discharges and everything else that goes along with having weapons that are loaded that causes injuries.”


If the chief of staff of the Army worries that armed soldiers under his command will,

  1. “attack each other”
  2. “shoot their eyes out”



then we have some really big issues that we have to deal with right away; issues even bigger than the aforementioned usually-peace-loving Muslims and their malevolent plans. If I were president I think I would be inclined to ask the good general to clear out his desk and be gone by five since he has obviously failed in his command of the troops if they can’t be trusted with anything sharper than a ball-point pen.



What has become of us? Where is the American can-do spirit? Where is that uniquely American true grit ethos?



Dear God may the founding fathers forgive us!