Elizabeth Warren Doesn’t Know Anything & Neither Does Barbara (please call me Senator) Boxer


Elizabeth Warren

Recently Dizzy Lizzy said this:

“Who does this new Republican Congress work for—foreign oil companies or the American people?”

I feel I must ask her who exactly does she work for?

She claims Keystone will create “terrible environmental risks” and only create a few thousand jobs during construction and only 50 permanent positions after it is completed.

She then claimed that passing a permanent highway bill would create upward of 10 million jobs in the next four years and also restore crumbing roads, bridges, and other infrastructure.

Her comrade in arms, Barbara (please call me Senator) Boxer said that Keystone will do “nothing for our country and everything for Canada” and it will also raise the price of gas while increasing pollution that causes global warming, climate change, climate chaos and asthma.

OK, let’s examine this crap line by line.

Every study I have ever seen says trucking oil or moving it via train cars is much more dangerous than oil flowing through a pipeline.

“Moving oil from where it is produced to ports for transport is clearly safest and efficient when it is transported by pipelines designed fit for purpose for the task at hand. Pipelines are undeniably the lowest risk and most efficient means of transport onshore for point to point movement.”



 “The short answer is: truck worse than train worse than pipeline worse than boat.”



“Pipelines are safer than trains and trucks, report says”



“Accidents Surge as Oil Industry Takes the Train”



Then we must ask, what’s wrong with a few thousand jobs? First she’s wrong here about the numbers but notice she doesn’t mention the temporariness of the highway jobs she claims will be created by more “shovel-ready” pork spending. We must also assume that these jobs will also “go away” after the roads and bridges are rebuilt, don’t we?

Further she just doesn’t understand economics. None of these liberal fools do yet their devout followers eagerly lap up the nonsense. Road-building will create jobs BUT this is done with money taken out of the economy in the first place. It will be paid for by tax money or freshly printed money or borrowed money. Tax money comes straight out of the economy, freshly printed money reduces the value of all of our dollars and borrowed money must be paid back at some point with interest. Hers is the belief that one can stand in a bucket and lift oneself by pulling up on the handle. On the other hand the oil jobs are real and add to the economy. A raw material, oil, is brought forth from the ground and sold on the free market. There is value added to the oil once it is pumped and processed. “X” amount of money is spent setting up the equipment to get the oil from the ground. Once it is out of the ground the value becomes “more-than-X” Thus, wealth is being created here. The infrastructure projects, while they may be necessary at times, do not create wealth (unless you are a trough-feeding politician). Money comes OUT of the economy and is then spent back into the economy (after the requisite amount is siphoned off for the graft machine at the federal, state and local levels). Here’s an example: water is drawn from the deep end of the pool and poured back into the shallow end (with a little or a lot spilled along the way). The pool does not get any deeper. This oil production is real commerce not the make-believe kind Dizzy Lizzy is getting all excited about.

Gulf Oil Spill Hearings Continue On Capitol Hill

As for Boxer’s claim that more oil on the market will INCREASE the price…..do I even have to address this? Basic supply and demand laws of economics should not need explanation except maybe to these fools.

And the last straw man argument is the oil will cause pollution, disease, pestilence, etc. This is more intellectually lazy nonsense because whatever pernicious results one envisions may come from this oil will come regardless of who burns it. If Obama and the crazies kill Keystone that oil will still be drilled, pumped, transported and burned. Canada has openly said that if there is no Keystone pipeline then they will build their own pipeline west to their Pacific coast where the oil will be tankered to places like China and the rest of the oil-thirsty world. If China burns it there will be much more pollution coming from it since they do not have the regulations the rest of the world has.

So Lizzy and Babs, what is the real reason you want to kill the Keystone pipeline?

Might it be some big democrat donors that have interests in trains or have ideas of building their own pipelines?

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