They’re Coming Not Just For Your Guns But Your Steak Too

Here’s a scary headline:

“Feds: America Should Adopt ‘Plant-Based’ Diet”

I don’t know what all the fuss is about, really. I already eat a plant-based diet. The cows eat the plants and I eat the cows.


The article begins:

The federal committee responsible for nutrition guidelines is calling for the adoption of “plant-based” diets, taxes on dessert, trained obesity “interventionists” at worksites, and electronic monitoring of how long Americans sit in front of the television.

The Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) released its far-reaching 571-page report of recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Thursday, which detailed its plans to “transform the food system.”

We must be done with the fundamental transformation of America or nearly so.

Because we’re all so fat, according to the government, “DGAC has called for diet and weight management interventions by “trained interventionists (seen below)

Police Converge Mass

in healthcare settings, community locations, and work sites.”

And maybe in re-education camps as well, but that’s a subject for a different day.

Does any of this smack of totalitarianism to anyone or do I need to up my meds?


They always start with the power of persuasion but when they don’t get their way it’s just a short hop over to the persuasion of power.  They are already using the “T” word right there in the first paragraph. Tax the soda. Tax the cupcakes. Tax the good food everyone likes. You see, the nannies always know what is best for us. Ban my gun, ban my light bulbs, regulate the flush of my toilet and the thermostat on my wall, regulate the size of my soda drink and now tax my dessert. But they have to do this now don’t you see? Because they are in charge of our healthcare and are paying for it. You no longer have the right to run up the bill by being a fatty and costing everyone more money. Risky lifestyles must be addressed now because we’re all in this together unless you’re in one of the protected risky lifestyles, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Oh but don’t you worry.

The  tax revenues “from sugar-sweetened beverages, snack foods and desserts high in calories, added sugars, or sodium, and other less healthy foods will be earmarked for nutrition education initiatives and obesity prevention programs” and maybe the occasional new MRAP vehicle for when things get a little out-of-hand and those gun and bible clinging primitives resist what we all know is best for them.



Scared yet?

DGAC also recommended “coaching or counseling sessions,” “peer-based social support,” and “electronic tracking and monitoring of the use of screen-based technologies” as a way to limit screen time.

You think you’re watching your TV but your TV is really watching you.

And we all laughed at the guy wearing the tinfoil hat.



DGAC said its recommendations to eat less meat are intended to “maximize environmental sustainability” out of concerns for climate change.

There it is. The planet has a fever! So put down that pork chop.


Apparently Al hasn’t been in New England lately.


DGAC recommended Mediterranean-style and vegetarian diets as the best options. Vegan, lacto-ovo vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, and Mediterranean diets are the most environmentally friendly, with the least greenhouse gas emissions, it said.

Who knew there were this many vegetarian type diets? I looked it up and found they forgot to mention pollotarian, pescatarian and flexitarian.

All kidding aside this is really a problem. There is a growing movement in this country of fascism and totalitarianism where supposedly well-intentioned people have a pathological need to control the lives of others. The federal government has absolutely no business whatsoever being involved in my or anyone else’s food choices. What it boils down to is this; Do I have the right to be fat if I so choose? Now I understand that no one really wants to be fat but many are and we all know it’s not good for you. This is not the issue. Is it anyone’s business but my own and possibly that of my family? We all know some choices are better for us than others but people make all sorts of choices that I may not agree with and that may not be the best for them. Some people drink too much. Some people drive too fast. Some people spend too much money on scratch tickets. Some people diddle their co-workers while their spouses sit home thinking they are working late. Some people hang out in bath houses and get scary diseases. Some people smoke cigarettes and other combustible greenery. Some people strap boards to their feet and whiz down scary, snow-covered mountains and run into trees. Some people have babies they can’t afford to care for. Some people scuba dive in underwater caves. Some people even engage in the most risky behavior of all, trying to take other people’s cupcakes away.

Is any of this the business of the federal government?

The clear answer is no, it’s not.

Article one, section eight enumerates the 17 powers of the federal government and micromanaging my cupcake intake or screen time is not mentioned there. Neither are any of the other things mentioned above.

We need to educate people on what the proper role of the government is and make them understand that we are not subjects but citizens.

The founders were brilliant in the constraints they placed upon the powers they created. We must ensure that we go no further into this post-constitutional America and begin to roll back this ever-encroaching nanny-ism before we all run afoul of the latest nanny-state issue-du-jour and end up in the back of the MRAP on the way to be cured. For our own good you understand.