Congressman Swalwell is a Blood-Thirsty Totalitarian

Scratch a virtue signaling lefty and you’ll find a snarling, blood-thirsty totalitarian tyrant just beneath the surface.

They always start out trying to sound reasonable but when their ambitions are stymied you will see the militant side come out sooner rather than later. They want their way and dammit! they’re going to get it no matter who or what stands in their way.

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Socialism Doesn’t Work; Even When Naked and Afraid

Socialism doesn’t work.

It always starts out using the power of persuasion to promise utopia but when it fails, as it must due to the foibles of human nature, the powers that be, those true believers whose faith in socialism can never be shaken, realizing that starving people have very little to lose, send forth the capitalist funded, capitalist supplied troops to use the persuasion of power to force the non-compliant peons to continue to play by their defective rules against their collective wills.

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The North Korean Cretin Problem

I was watching “The Fox News Specialists” show just now and the subject turned to the North Korean problem.

The regular panel this night was Ebony Williams, Kat Timpf and Lisa Booth filling in for Eric Bolling. The two “specialists” were Col. David Hunt (who twice voted for Barack Obama, ‘nuf said) and Krystal Ball whose parents apparently had a droll sense of humor.

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Why Does Anyone Need These things?

I follow gun control issues very carefully and read quite a bit about this subject on the web including many comments to many articles. There is quite a bit written about so-called “assault rifles” lately due to several high profile atrocities that have occurred.
There is also a recurring theme that seems to be, “Why does anyone need these things? We need to ban them now!”

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America, You Have a Shitty Choice to Make

So here’s a shitty scenario, seems there’s lots of them these days. You get a call to see your doctor and he tells you that you have inoperable, terminal cancer. He goes on to say that if you do nothing you will be dead in six months or just after January 20th, 2017. Get it? However, there’s this new treatment that’s experimental and it’s a long shot but it might, emphasis on might, offer you some level of cure or perhaps just a chance to live a little longer.

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Crank Up the Misinformation Machine!

On this somnolent Sunday morning we all awoke to the news of yet another radical, violent, crazy, fevered Muslim bastard taking up arms for ISIS and shooting up a nightclub in Orlando Florida. Apparently there are 50 victims dead with 53 wounded at this time. Sadly the death toll may rise as many of the people in the hospitals and trauma centers are critically injured. Our thoughts and prayers go out to these people and their loved ones.

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